Raindrop Therapy

Traditional raindrop therapy focuses on the back and feet using specific therapeutic grade essential oils to specific locations on the body.

Bring the body back into homeostasis.

Traditional Raindrop Therapy blends reflexology, the Vita Flex technique (application of specific essential oils to acupressure points on the feet), and traditional massage with a relaxing, gentle application of therapeutic grade Young Living Essential Oils to specific locations on the body. When the intelligence of the body is combined with the oils’ high electrical frequency, a profound healing process commences.

In an excerpt from his book, Aromatherapy, The Essential Beginning, D. Gary Young N.D. states, “It has typically been used to help straighten spinal curvatures and to fight against viruses. It has been discovered that many viruses lie dormant along the spine, including the virus that causes scoliosis. Raindrop Therapy is a mild and non-intrusive application of a combination of several techniques that have proven to be effective from a small degree, to what would appear to be miraculous. I have never seen it fail, and have been surprised by many unexpected and fruitful results. Of course, this cannot be taken to mean that it will always work.”

According to Dr. Young, Raindrop Therapy may be especially beneficial for back problems such as scoliosis, deteriorated disks, and compression. The oils may continue to work in the body for about 5 to 7 days after treatment, with continued realignment taking place during this time.


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Raindrop Therapy gets its name from the process of gently dropping essential oils directly onto the body. 
After each new oil is applied, it is smoothed and fanned over the spinal column, affecting the nerves that branch out to the body. The technique uses a combination of Young Living essential oils and Bindi massage oil:
  • Valor: A blend of spruce, rosewood, blue tansy, and frankincense in an almond oil base that works on electrical and energy alignment of the body. The key to using this blend of oils is patience. Once the frequencies begin to balance in these areas, then structural alignment can occur. It is most frequently used on the soles of the feet and shoulders. This is the most important oil used in this application.
  • Thyme: One of the most antiseptic essential oils – it is anti-bacterial and anti-viral in nature. It may be beneficial in helping to overcome fatigue and exhaustion. It supplies energy during times of stress and physical weakness. This essential oil can easily penetrate the body and may help kill any virus or bacteria that may be present.
  • Oregano: Works similarly to Thyme but is more aggressive and may help stimulate the immune system, balance metabolism, and strengthen the body’s vital centers.
  • Wintergreen: An anti-inflammatory, it may help to relieve pain. Beneficial for bone, muscle, and joint discomfort. Its primary chemical component, methyl salicylate, has a cortisone-like activity, which may assist with arthritis, tendonitis, and rheumatism. Elevates and increases awareness in the sensory system.
  • Cypress: One of the oils most commonly used to support the circulatory system, and may help relieve cramps, spasms, varicose veins, edema, cellulite, and water retention.
  • Peppermint: One of the oldest and most highly regarded oils for soothing digestion, peppermint has been found to improve mental accuracy, strengthen the nervous system, and soothe the respiratory system. It also helps bring harmony between the other oils in order to enhance their individual activity. Several research studies evaluated peppermint’s effect on the liver and respiratory systems, as well as its ability to improve concentration and mental accuracy. Alan Hirsch, M.D., studied peppermint’s ability to directly affect the brain’s satiety center, which triggers a sense of fullness after meals.
  • Basil: Can be relaxing to muscles (anti-spasmodic), including smooth muscles (those not subject to our voluntary control, such as the heart and digestive system). Revitalizing for the nerves, it is beneficial for mental fatigue, it may help sharpen the sense of smell, alleviate mental fatigue and relieve migraine headaches. It may also be used to soothe insect bites when applied topically.
  • Marjoram: Used for calming the respiratory system, it assists in relieving spasms and in relaxing muscles (cramps, aches, discomfort). Massage to calm stressed muscles and the respiratory system. It assists in calming the nerves and is antiseptic.
  • Aroma Siez: This special Young Living blend of basil, marjoram, lavender, peppermint, and cypress essential oils helps relax, calm and relieve tight, sore, tired, and achy muscles resulting from sports injuries, fatigue, and stress.
All the oils are applied along the spine and gently distributed through different massage techniques, custom to each oil.

A very warm towel is applied to the back after all the oils are applied and massaged into the spine; then covered with a dry towel. The back can become very hot at this time and peaks in about 5-8 minutes, then cools down. The water in the warm towel drives the oils deeper into the skin. Some people will experience no heat, while for others it will be mild and very pleasant. In some cases, it may be very hot and a bit uncomfortable. If at anytime time you experience discomfort, please let Ann know right away.

Afterward, a gentle back massage is given.