Orthopedic Massage

Orthopedic massage therapy is a particular massage that focuses on soft-tissue injury rehabilitation.

Bodywork for joint pain and dysfunction.

Orthopedic massage therapy focuses on releasing tissues surrounding the joints of the body and lengthening the muscles involved in joint function, thereby remediating pain and dysfunction. In many cases where joint pain is present, clients are unaware of the soft-tissue component that affects the joint dysfunction (along with the joint itself being problematic). Orthopedic massage techniques focus on alleviating the joint tension causing restriction, which can be determined by the strength and motion testing.

The source of pain could be post-surgical, from acute injury, arthritis, or from strain due to repetitive motion from sports activities, playing an instrument, carpentry, masonry, or construction. No matter the cause of muscle dysfunction, the intent of the orthopedic massage is to restore ligament and muscle integrity promoting an increased pain-free range of motion.

Orthopedic Massage Therapy was founded by James Waslaski who worked 20 years as a paramedic and in a trauma center while teaching emergency medical courses. He studied pre-med in college prior to his massage training.


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