Medical Massage

Medical massage includes most forms of restorative manual therapy that help resolve a patient’s conditions that is performed by a therapist well-versed in medical conditions.

Ann has advanced training and experience in pathology and contraindications.

Medical massage is a general term used for massage practices that will focus the session on areas of the body related to a doctor’s diagnosis. An important factor in medical massage is the understanding of medical conditions and how massage should be used for each patient. After assessment and written and verbal intake, Ann will work with you to decide a safe course of treatment for your conditions. In some cases, you may be referred back to your doctor for a note or release to perform the massage treatment.

Ann is well-versed in pathology and contraindications which means that she has extensive knowledge of medical conditions, disease and can perform a proper assessment for massage treatment. She also devotes her time to research and continuing education to stay up-to-date and within scope of practice.


If this is your first appointment

Download and print Solitude Massage's Medical Information Form below. Please fill this out completely and bring it with you to your first appointment. All information provided to Solitude Massage is kept private. Call (414) 305-2633 if you have any questions or need to change a scheduled appointment.