In-home Hospice Massage

Massage therapy provides a type of healing, relief, and relaxation for hospice patients to which medical treatments cannot compare.

A sense of comfort for those who need it most.

Massage therapy for in-home hospice patients can provide significant improvement for pain, anxiety, sleep, and quality of life for those who need to manage discomfort. Physical touch can have such an impact on a patient’s wellbeing and provides a type of relief that medicines do not.

Stress can take a major toll on a patient’s body, and many spend weeks or months in hospice care. Massage is designed to help provide relief using a gentle approach that helps reduce this stress. Adding massage therapy to your in-home services will provide comfort and can help your patients with overall relaxation, anxiety, and rest. It also provides a soothing feeling of being cared for, which eases fear, depression, and moods.

Touch is important to those in a fragile state … especially those unable to communicate. The goal is to transmit compassion, so when the muscles are stimulated through massage, relaxation and calmness can follow. It can even help to stabilize heart rate, lower blood pressure, release endorphins, and stimulate oxygen in the tissues, which may help ease pain. The specific massage techniques used will depend on the needs of the individual patient and the wishes of the family.


If this is your first appointment

Download and print Solitude Massage's Medical Information Form below. Please fill this out completely and bring it with you to your first appointment. All information provided to Solitude Massage is kept private. Call (414) 305-2633 if you have any questions or need to change a scheduled appointment.
Physical and emotional benefits of in-home hospice massage.
Every patient’s end of life plan will be taken into consideration for their massage sessions and we will work with the nurse or social worker to know and understand each patient. Hospice massage has been known to help with the following:
  • Relief of Pain
  • Relief for Anxiety 
  • Decrease Stress
  • Ease Discomforts
  • Increase Stability
  • Reduce High Blood Pressure
  • Stabilize the Heart Rate
  • Stimulate the Release of Endorphins
  • Relief of Fear and Depression
  • Improve Circulation
  • Improve Mobility
  • Decrease Joint Stiffness
  • Relief for Insomnia
  • Help Calm Moods
  • Ease Nausea
  • Ease Fatigue
Terminally ill patients can experience a substantial degree of emotional and psychological distress.

Hospice massage helps to reduce stress and promote emotional balance to help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. When a patient is nearing the end of life, loneliness, fear, and depression are likely to set in. Massage therapy provides a form of wholehearted attention focused entirely on the patient and their needs in that very moment. If nothing else, the massage provides a soothing and comforting presence for that patient. When a patient is able to relax, their pain is lessened and a sense of well-being has a chance to arise. This allows them to experience greater inner peace and the ability to endure what lies ahead. A caring, safe touch may provide this pathway for them.